My first Tony Awards experience didn’t go as planned…

I had high hopes for a memorable evening. It was Father’s Day, and I was in Big Bear,
California, with my partner. Both my daughters and their significant others were there, too,
making it a special occasion. On top of that, three shows I’m involved in were nominated for 26
Tony Awards, including Best Musical. It was the perfect setup.

The night was meticulously planned: dinner at a fantastic restaurant followed by watching the
Tony Awards at home. But, as they say, plans often go awry. Dinner was fantastic, but my
girlfriend started feeling unwell afterward. We headed home, hoping it was nothing serious.
However, things took a sudden turn when we ended up at the local hospital. Eventually, she
needed to be transferred to another hospital by helicopter, and suddenly, it was nearly midnight. Thankfully, everything turned out okay, and we finally got to watch the Tony Awards together around 3 a.m., sitting in an ER room in an unfamiliar hospital and city.

Despite the chaotic night, the Tony Awards were a joy to watch. I felt immense pride and
gratitude for being part of such a talented community. Notably, Shaina Taub won Best Musical
Book and Best Musical Score for “SUFFS,” while Maleah Joi Moon and Kecia Lewis from
“Hell’s Kitchen” received Tony Awards for Leading Actress and Featured Actress, respectively.
Winning these awards already made the night a success, but the most significant award, Best
Musical, was still to be announced. With three out of the five nominated shows, our odds seemed promising.

As the show reached its climax and “The Outsiders” was announced as Best Musical, my initial
reaction was disbelief. “How can this happen?” I thought. However, after some reflection, I
realized this year’s competition was exceptionally tough. All five nominated shows were
deserving and given that “SUFFS” and “Hell’s Kitchen” had already won four awards, I could
appreciate the choice, even though I was personally disappointed.

The show concluded the hospital lights continued to hum, and nurses came in for routine checks. The Tony Awards, while significant, paled in comparison to the reality we were facing in the ER. This experience underscored that the well-being of our loved ones far outweighs anything showbiz can offer.