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When Stu Speaks, Everyone Listens

Are you looking for a speaker who will inspire and amuse your audience—while teaching them with valuable tools for shaping their career, tapping into their creativity, making smart decisions, and taking control of their work and life?

Stu Snyder is that speaker

Able to motivate students, inspire seasoned entrepreneurs, and amuse audiences of all kinds. A legendary entertainment industry executive, Stu led his teams at Turner Broadcasting/Time Warner to win 26 Emmy awards. He’s also helmed the WWF (now WWE); was involved in movies including Reservoir Dogs and Terminator 2: Judgement Day; and co-produced live shows such as The Exorcist on the West End, plus Water for Elephants, SUFFS and Hell’s Kitchen on Broadway.

Now an independent consultant, Stu is still making films, producing shows, and growing businesses. He’s done everything from reimagining Beal’s Lobster Pier, a landmark restaurant in Maine that embodies what Stu calls “foodtainment,” to advising Sumitomo Corporation on entertainment ventures, and creating global entertainment franchises such as Adventure Time, Ben 10 & Rick and Morty.

From big business to the big screen, Stu has life and work experience no one else does. As a speaker, he reveals his learnings and strategies for success with wit, humor, and wisdom.

Whether he’s offering a blueprint for success to budding entrepreneurs at Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business, sharing behind-the-scenes filmmaking anecdotes on entertainment podcasts or telecasts, or trading lobster-cooking tips with Martha Stewart herself, Stu inspires listeners.

His entrepreneurial expertise, entertainment industry experience, and gift for brand – and business-building have given him invaluable insight—and his down-to-earth humor makes him an engaging, inspiring speaker.

Stu’s Subjects

Stu can bring unique insight to topics ranging from big business to the big screen, addressing issues such as:

Bigger and Better:
How to Grow Any Business

Yes or No: How to Assess Business
or Investment Opportunities—Or
Any Life-Changing Decision

Behind the Scenes: What Working in the Entertainment Industry Taught Me

Turning an Eatery into an Experience: How to Evolve a Restaurant into a Brand

“I LOVE This Place!”: How to Turn Customers into Lifelong Fans

Every Decision Counts: A Path to Grow Your Career Strategically

Who do you want Stu
to inspire?

  • The audience of your business or entertainment podcast, telecast, newscast, or other show
  • The students at a university graduation or in class
  • The attendees at your annual meeting
  • Guests at your industry conference

By the time the event is over,
your audience will have

  • learned valuable life skills from an experienced entrepreneur
  • acquired business tools such as Stu’s 4L Strategy for Making Major Decisions
  • been inspired to stretch creatively, grow their businesses, and pursue their passion projects
  • heard some incredible war stories from one of the best in the business

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