Work with Stu Snyder

Are you in search of an entrepreneur or producer to consult about, or collaborate on, your project? An entertainment expert or restaurateur-to interview for your article, podcast, or documentary? A speaker to inspire the audience at your graduation or conference? Or the voice of experience to add to your board of directors?

An image of Stu Snyder and Martha Stewart

Entertainment Expert & Thought Leader

Whether you’re a podcast host or journalist looking for a hot take on the latest developments in the media industry, Stu’s got opinions. He’s discussed the business of food on Martha Stewart’s show and Cartoon Network’s Stop Bullying: Speak Up initiative on CNN.  What do you want to talk about?

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Entrepreneurial Consultant

Stu is not just a producer, he’s a connector, too. As a media consultant, he has helped launch start-ups, developed strategic plans to grow businesses, and created content for all ages, in various forms of global media. How can his expertise and relationships help you?

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Board Member

His experience as an investor, entrepreneur, and media visionary makes Stu a sought-after board member. He advises companies that produce creative content (Einhorn Epic Productions and Roundtable Entertainment), utilize social media to build brands (Insightpool), and fund digital businesses (Luminari Capital). How can Stu’s perspective help your organization?

Stu Snyder speaking


As a speaker, Stu shares insider insight into entrepreneurship, entertainment, and content creation. He’s also passionate about mentoring new leaders. (Check out his chat at Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business.) How can he inspire your audience?