Beal’s Lobster Pier

Navigating Storms: Crisis Management at Beal’s Lobster Pier

In the aftermath of two powerful storms wreaking havoc on Maine’s coastline, homes, and businesses, Beal’s Lobster Pier on Mount Desert Island found itself grappling with significant damage. With winds exceeding 70 miles per hour, water surges, and high waves coinciding with high tide, the challenges were unprecedented.

In response, our team mobilized swiftly to devise an action plan, recognizing the urgency to ensure the continuity of our 92nd year of operation and the upcoming 2024 summer season.

Strategic Steps Taken:

1. Assessment of Current Situation:

  • Convened the team to meticulously catalogue the damage
  • Assigned specific responsibilities to managers for assessing their respective business areas

2. Immediate Priorities:

  • Identified and promptly addressed urgent issues, focusing on repairing what could be salvaged
  • Ensured the safety of our team and facility

3. Communication and Contacts:

  • Established communication channels with various stakeholders:
    • Customers affected by the service interruption
    • Vendors
    • Financial partners
    • Insurance companies

4. Financial Assessment:

  • Conducted a comprehensive financial evaluation, considering:
    • Lost business
    • Damages
    • Feasibility of staying open during repairs

5. Decision-Making and Timeline:

  • Made decisions on keeping the business open during repairs
  • Developed a budget and timeline for repairs and re-opening

Throughout our decision-making process, we took into consideration the unique nature of our business and objectives. Maintaining composure and projecting confidence were paramount, instilling faith in our plan and providing reassurance to our team amidst concerns about the business’s future.

In alignment with our commitment to treating everyone with respect and care, we made the challenging decision to temporarily close the business. This allowed us to focus on repairs and ensure a safe environment for our staff and customers. Additionally, we sought to give back to the hard-hit community by donating our inventory of frozen lobster and crab meat to local food banks—a small yet meaningful gesture to aid those in need.